You Are Unique

If you are being bullied because you “don’t fit in,” know those who are bullying you are jealous of you because you are being you, and they are trying to be someone they are not just to be accepted. Know you do no wrong; they are. It may be a numbers game – there are more of them than there is of you. If that’s the case, you have two options:

1). Ignore them and walk away from them, or

2). Be loud. Be VERY LOUD! But don’t be aggressive, because that’s what the bully (or bullies)  want you to be.

You have to learn how to fight before you fight, or you will get seriously hurt. The bully (or bullies) are not expecting much out of you – they think you will remain quiet. But the louder you get, you will get people’s attention, and someone will come to your aid. Whether or not someone else steps in to separate you from the bully or (s) reports it, you will not know unless YOU GET LOUD! More than likely, the bully will walk away from you, but, if they don’t and continue to bully you, you have those two options. And then YOU report them.

Do not give in to the bullying. Do not give in just to be accepted. Because you are special and unique just the way you are. Don’t change yourself for the sake of others. Change yourself if you and you alone are ready to. Change yourself for YOU.


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