Give Yourself A Chance To Live

Give Yourself A Chance To Live.

There is so much inside yourself to give.

Your heart, your soul, your spirit

Is yearning inside of you to live.

As special as you are, you may not feel so inside

Because all you see and feel is the pain and tears you cry.

But you have a heart and soul which makes you so special;

Your greatness inside of you is of pure gold.

Yet you just don’t see it or believe it; it’s the worst you heard.

The mentality of that bully gets to you, but don’t you believe those words.

You should know by now the bully is jealous of you and your heart of gold.

They hate themselves and turn their hatred onto you with hateful words.

So today break down, cry, and let it all out.

Come tomorrow, look into your mirror and see your special soul.

Be happy with who you are, accept and love yourself.

You know the truth so give yourself a chance to live again.


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