Your Two Greatest Gifts

Even though you may be experiencing some bullying, and even though it may be your worst and harshest times in which you feel you have ever gone through in your whole entire life, I want you to know that you have two greatest gifts inside of you. Those gifts are your pride and your self-confidence. Actually, your faith. Your pride and your faith, not your self-confidence.

Self-confidence is part of your pride. You cannot have pride without having self-confidence. You cannot have pride without having self-esteem. You cannot have pride without having self-worth. And you cannot have pride without having self-beliefs and a belief system within yourself. So, today I bring to you your pride and your faith.

If you did not know you had that within you, you do. You have that within you. It was born inside of you. You are raised with it. Your pride and your faith are best things for you, in which you have from within yourself. You are born with this. You are raised with this. Your pride and your faith are the best things in which you can have in life, because it gets you through the toughest times and the darkest of times. I know what it feels like to have been bullied, because you go through tough times and you go through the darkest of times.

There are not many people who can get through bullying. Most of them want to try suicide, or attempt suicide, and sometimes actually succeed with it. But I am telling you suicide is not the answer. The answer is your pride and your faith. Do not believe what a bully is telling you. Do not believe in which you feel that bully is degrading you or humiliating you. The only one person who is humiliating is the bully himself, or herself. That bully has no pride and has no faith. Somewhere along the way, they lost their pride, they lost their faith, and they lost all self-belief within themselves. They are only humiliating themselves. So, do no feel humiliated.

You have the faith to go forward. You have the faith to be able to get through this. If you don’t know this, I want to tell you, you do. It is a gift that is born inside of you. It is a gift in which was given to you. It was a gift in which your first heart beat was inside your mother, because that gift is genetic. Your faith and your pride is the best thing that you have in life. Your pride and your faith is the best thing in which you have within yourself.

Your heartbeat beats for you and for you alone. You are not given that heartbeat for you if you are not loved. If you don’t feel like you are loved, know that you are. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be able to get through those darkest and tough times and know that the two greatest gifts were given to you through your parents. You are given your faith and you are given your pride the minute you are born, the minute that you are raised, and to the life in which you have now.

Know inside that you will always have your pride, and you will always have your faith. Don’t think twice about it. Know it is there. Know that without your faith and without your pride, you have no self-respect, and you have no self-esteem. And every bullied victim knows or feels like that they don’t have it, but you do. You do have your faith, and you do have your pride. Know that you have your faith and your pride, and no one can ever take that away from you.

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