Remember the Fallen

anti-bullying-quotes-hd-wallpaper-18Remember the fallen, for they are the true heroes who gave up their lives to be heard. It was the wrong choice to be heard, but they will always live in our hearts. May their families have found peace; if not, may they soon find it within their souls. May they understand their kids did not feel comfortable to go to them to make them understand what (s)he was going through. And may the future kids of today not take their lives in vain because of bullies and go to their parents and tell them what they are going through.

May the kids not be afraid to approach their parents about bullying, for it is an issue that needs to be discussed. May the kids make them understand. May they be open and honest. May their parents understand and be there for their kids. If not – and I don’t know why they wouldn’t – may the kids find someone who they can be open and honest with. May their fears subside and not be one of the fallen victims.

May the kids these days use their voice and be heard – but not after they made the wrong choice in order to be heard. May they not be one of those fallen victims turned heroes just to be heard. Because their life is worth living.


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