You Have A Voice

You have the power within you to choose whether to stand up for yourself or not. The question is, why would you not want to? Do you not want the bullying to stop? Do you not want the bullying to end?

You have the power to choose within yourself to be able to have the confidence and the self-esteem to stand up to the bully to tell them, “Stop bullying me.” Be a force to reckon with. Know your worth. Know your value. Know that your life depends on it, because of you do not stand up for yourself, the bullying will continue. Do you really want that to continue? Do you not want it to stop?

You have a voice to be able to be heard, so use it. Use it proud, use it loud, and tell that bully to stop. Be confident in standing up to the bully, look them directly in the eye, don’t get aggressive, though, and don’t get physical. Do be direct and tell that bully to stop. They may not be expecting it. Either two things will happen: they will be taken by surprise by you saying that to them, and either they will stop – which sometimes it doesn’t – or it will continue.

What you want to do is just learn to ignore the bully and walk away. If the bully goes after you, then that’s when you want to be able to have the courage to turn back around and say, “Stop bullying me.” Then, go report it. You have that voice; use it well. You know you are given a voice for a reason. You are given a life for a reason. Learn to live to be able to learn to live your life. You have a voice, so use it. Don’t be afraid to stand up to that bully today, tomorrow, and in your future.

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