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When was the last time that you felt a bit harsh or sarcastic to someone? When was the last time you felt unloved, unwanted? When was the last time that you found yourself to be alone, undesirable?

In this day and age, some people don’t know how to control their mind, their thoughts, or the words that come out of their mouth. They need to think before they speak, because if they were to think before they would speak, then they would know how to be nice to others. And those who are not nice to others are called bullies, whether it be in the school or in the workplace. They are all around, and they don’t know how to control their thoughts, their actions, their mind, or their words, because if they did, there would be no bullies in this world.

So, the next time you feel you need to be mean to somebody, think before you speak. Your words hurt, your words can kill people, your words can emotionally and mentally break down people. How would you feel if someone did that to you? What would you do, as the bully? Then you would become the bullied victim. So, how would you feel? Think before you speak the next time you find someone that you feel the need to pick on. There are bullied victims in this world that do not need to go through that crap.

Think before you speak. Spread the love, end the hatred. Think before you speak and be kind to those who deserve more kindness and love in the world than giving them your absurd, rude comments or quotes or physicality or whatever it may be. Think before you speak, and think before you act. Bullies in this world, in my opinion, should need to learn how to be able to control their emotions, their words, their fists, and their hands. The next time you might be bullying someone, it could be someone who knows martial arts and who knows how to defend themselves and knows how to control the situation. So, think before you speak. Be kind to others. And think of how you would feel is someone were to bully you.

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