Be Happy, Smile, and Pass It On

It is okay to be moody every now and then – you have the right. You also have the right to live a bully-free life and be happy. You may wonder how you can be happy while enduring the antics from a bully. It’s called “reporting the bully.” You will then be able to release the pain and tension inside of you and feel relieved. You know you did what’s right. You stood up for yourself, you spoke up, and you put yourself first. That is the best thing you can do for yourself – putting yourself first.

You have to put yourself first because no one else will do it for you. If someone else had, you wouldn’t had to suffer the bullying for as long as you did. So, now that you have finally put yourself first and did the best thing for yourself – which was reporting the bully – you can finally be happy.

This may take some time. But you are in control of your happiness. Eventually, you will find you can live a bully-free, happy life. Smile, be happy about it, and pass it on. Now that you are happy, pass on your positive attitude with your life to others. You will find yourself more happier than ever.

If you are not happy, then why haven’t you reported the bully yet?


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