Help Yourself, Help Others

To be able to help yourself, to stand up for what’s right, know that the true love that you feel inside is something in which you feel you can no longer hide. To be able to help others, you must be able to know wrong from right, to be able to stand up for others when they don’t have their voice because they feel no one listens. Make something happen. Give them the friendship they so deserve. You never know just what exactly what kind of life they have been living because of the bullying that’s been happening in their world.

Be helpful to yourself and be helpful to others today. Bless yourself with love, and know that you are loved from within. May you be at peace, may your day be bright. May your life be better off and better as each day grows within the next day and the next day after that. That way you will be able to help others and unite and stand up once again and say “No” to bullying and prevent it from ever happening again.

Be helpful to yourself, be helpful to others. Unite, stand strong, and let your voice be heard today, tomorrow, and in your future. You know standing up against those bullies is what’s right for you and what’s right for others. So, join together today and be helpful to yourself and be helpful to those friends in need. Even to those who you don’t know really well. They have been bullied for far too long. And you know that, because you’ve been seeing it happening, and you know something needs to be done about it. Be a friend to someone who you don’t know very well today. Stand up for what’s right. Unite and stand together, and don’t let that bully put up a fight. Help yourself and help others today.

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