Managing Your Emotions While Being Bullied

Did you know that the best thing that you can do for yourself while being bullied is managing your emotions? Did you know that the best thing you can also do for yourself is managing your words and managing your fists and your feet?

The worst thing you can do for yourself while you are being bullied is getting aggressive and physical back with the bully. That just shows you are stooping down to their level and becoming a bully yourself. Getting physical with a bully is is the worst possible thing you can do for yourself. If there is more than one of them, and there is only one of you, the odds are not going to look good in your favor.

That is when you want to know how to defend yourself. I suggest and highly recommend learning martial arts so you can defend yourself against a bully. Martial arts will save you in that regards, as well as building back up your self-confidence, your self-esteem, and your self-value that you feel you do not have at that time because the bully is bullying you. Martial arts will save you. That’s what martial arts are for. And that’s what martial arts teaches you.

The next best thing you can do for yourself is managing your emotions. Now, I know that’s kind of hard to do. I’ve been there myself. It’s not a good feeling. Especially when you start to have suicidal thoughts, which is why you need a support system to be able to get through it. If you do not have a support system, find a martial art center, or find a best friend that you can confide in. If that best friend is your best friend, truly, that best friend will say something to someone who can help you because they love you, and they want to make sure you are okay to be able to get through it.

During the time while you are being bullied, do not look like you are afraid. Do not try to feel intimidated. Stand up, look that bully in the eye, and tell him or her, “Stop bullying me.” Then, turn around and walk away. if the bully gets loud, let it get loud. That just shows how much he or she looks stupid towards others because they are getting loud and trying to bully you and trying to control the situation. Do not let that happen.

If there are witnesses, let them be witnesses. If they step forward, that just shows they truly care for you and love you. Some witnesses will not step forward because they feel they don’t want to get involved. Those are bystanders. Bystanders don’t care about that situation, because of they did, they would say something.

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