Managing Your Emotions After Being Bullied

Did you know that the best thing you can do for yourself after you are being bullied is managing your emotions by expressing how you feel, expressing how you feel about yourself, about the bully, about the incident, and how that incident made you feel? This goes back to do you have a support system?

Being able to express how you feel after you have been bullied, about what the bully said, and about the bully him/herself is crucial to be able to develop yourself into a more stronger person each day. In this day and age with bullying going on, not many people want to discuss bullying. Not many people want to discuss the issues of bullying, the bully, how they became the bully, and the victims that are targeted by the bullies.

Part of this is not being able to express their feelings. Most of the time, in order to express their feelings, victims think they have to kill themselves, which is not the answer. The answer is being able to manage your emotions and express how you feel after the incident has happened after you have reported the bully.

After being bullied, you must report the incident to higher authorities. If it’s in school, go to the principal, go to the administration, go as high as you can go following the chain of command in which you have to do in order to make your voice be heard. The same goes for being bullied at work. Start with the manager and work your way up. In that way, your voice is heard. That way the bully is kicked out of school or fired from work. No victim should have to deal with being bullied at school or at work, or wherever else you are being bullied, like the playground, for instance.

Being able to manage your emotions after you are being bullied is crucial. You should not have to hide yourself from being bullied. You should not have to kill yourself as a result of bullying. You should not have to go through inner turmoil within inside yourself because you are being bullied. You have to express how you feel. You have to be able to express everything about the bullying incident, and that includes, if you have to, writing up the incident with the police, should it have gone that far with the bully, if it’s been physical.

Being able to talk about your emotions is important because keeping it inside of you will not help you. You have to be able to help yourself, and you have to be able to know that people love you. Killing yourself is not the answer. You have to learn and have to know that you have to express your words, your emotions, and everything else that goes on inside that mind of yours so that people can help you. There are people who care, and there are people who love you.

Being able to express your emotions, being able to express how you feel, how you felt during it, how you felt before it and after it is very important. You should not wait weeks or days after the bullying has happened. You should be able to express this after it has happened. If you feel you need to seek help with expressing your emotions or someone you need to talk to about those emotions, then so be it. Just as long as you have someone to talk to to express how you feel about the whole bullying situation. Your life depends on it. Your life matters here. And I’m sure at the house you are raised in.

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