Dealing with Negativity

Dealing with negativity and other emotions while being the victim of bullying is not only humiliating and depressing, but it can also cause suicidal thoughts and the execution of it. How do you handle the negativity?

First of all, why are you letting a bully (or bullies) get you down? Do you actually think they know you better than yourself? The bully (or bullies) see you either as a threat to you or are jealous of you. You have a trait, a quality they lack, and that is self-respect and self-value, so they are trying to make you feel bad about yourself just so (s)he (or they) can make feel better about themselves.

Don’t believe the words they are saying to you. If (s)he (or they) are taunting you to get physical with them, don’t bother with them or stoop down to their level, because that’s what the bully wants you to do – just to make them feel better about themselves.

Negative thoughts will creep up inside you if they haven’t already. Maybe the thought of suicide has even crept inside you, but doing so will only leave your family and loved ones cry for you and mourn over you. And they may never know why if you haven’t even told them about being bullied.

Second of all, dealing with negativity takes time and also a brave heart inside of yourself to be able to admit you are having these feelings and be able to talk about them with somebody. You know you need to, so why aren’t you?

Lastly, dealing with negativity and any other thoughts that may have crossed your mind is better when you write them down, especially if you feel you can’t approach your parents because you feel ashamed of yourself. Write down how you feel on a piece of paper and put it in a place you know they can see, so they will read how you are feeling, and then they will approach you. It is much better this way, because you are still expressing how you feel about yourself, and you are telling them, but in an indirect way. THEY DO NEED TO KNOW!

It is very hard to deal with every emotion that you feel inside – upset, mad, no self-worth, no self-respect, no self-confidence, no self-esteem, ashamed, suicidal. You know what will help you – martial arts. Believe me, it helps. Click on the link below to find out how it will help you.


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