Live To Learn; Love To Live

Surviving the life of a bullied victim is rare, because most people don’t survive it.

Life after being bulled is a test. A test of self-motivation, a test of self-determination, a test of self-esteem. It will either make you better and stronger, or it will break you and make you weaker. Whichever you choose to be, stronger or weaker, depends on you and the support system you have. I somehow managed to survive in an environment where I felt I had none. Quite ironic.

Life is full of struggles, but nothing can prepare you for bullying, because it can happen at any age, in any form, from one or more bullies. It can even happen in your own home, which makes it even worse. And if you are a child when bullying starts to happen, how can you know how to handle it, defend yourself, what to say as it does? Bullying happens so suddenly until it becomes continuous on a day to day basis. What have you been taught to do in this situation? Have you even been taught what to do if someone was bullying you right now?

Life lessons – Live to learn; love to live. Learn from the experience. Report them. Because if you don’t, you will grow up a tortured soul lost in this world with no feeling of ever being loved.

You will always be a loner until you choose to trust people again – however long that may take you. For me it was a life-long process. I will admit I have a hard time trusting people, but I have been working on this through heavy personal development – I read a lot of personal development books, though I am a very slow reader – because I hate that feeling of loneliness. Yes, I have friends – few close friends, but sometimes that feeling of loneliness creeps back in.

Find something you are good at and excel at it. Because that will become your purpose in life. You were born into this world for a reason. Look inside yourself, explore your feelings, and improve yourself. Self-improvement will make you a better person.

As you improve yourself, you will gain more self-confidence, more self-esteem, and it is then you will begin to love your life again.

There is life after being a victim of bullying. You have to find the will in yourself to want to survive, to take yourself out of that hole you are in right now, choose what you want – and who you want – in your life, and fight for it with all your soul – YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE, because everyone has one! Be a better person – for you and only for you. There is only one you in this world. It’s what makes YOU you so special.

Learn to live; love to live.


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