Be Brave, Be Strong

To be strong is to be brave.

To be brave is to have courage.

To have courage, you must believe in yourself

And know you have something to say.

You have something to say

To defend yourself from the bully.

You have something to say to make it stop,

So you will no longer have to worry.

To be strong is to be brave.

And to be brave is to have the confidence in yourself.

To be able to stand up for you and for others,

Especially when others don’t want to do it for others or themselves.

Self defense takes honor, self defense takes courage.

What will you do today?

Will you have the bravery and confidence to be strong,

To stand up and know what’s right.

And to say to the bully,

“Stop bullying me. I am not afraid.”


To listen to the complete inspirational anti-bullying video, watch the video below.

Be Brave, Be Strong (Video):


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