Know Your Surroundings, Know Your People

Did you know the one thing that a bully looks for in targeting their victim is the victim’s surroundings or the victim’s people, or lack of people, who may be around them?

A bully will target their victim who is not very aware of their surroundings, who is not very aware (or lack thereof) of people around them. The bully will victimize a person who tends to be alone, who tends to be a bit on the emotional side, who tends to be different from everyone else. A bully will also be able to victimize an individual based on their color, based on their gender, based on their belief system, based on their individuality. Judging people is wrong based on all those traits.

A bully will also victimize a victim in which does not seem to have a very strong self-esteem and self-confidence. A bully can tell this by when the individual always wants to look down and always feels down, and they can always tell this by the way the victim acts.

So, therefore, the individual who is being victimized by the bully needs to be aware of the surroundings, needs to be aware of the lack of people who are around them, and also needs to be aware of the people who are around them. If they are aware of the people who are around them, then they know who they can trust and who they cannot trust. They will know who will respect them and who will not respect them.

The next time that you feel you are going to be victimized by a bully, be very aware of your surroundings, of who is around you, and where you are. I call this know your surroundings, know your people.

Know Your Surroundings, Know Your People (Video):


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