You Have The Power Within You

You feel isolated. You have been degraded. You are judged by your appearance, by your religion, by your genetics. You feel the tiny hairs on your skin tingle and stick up with fright. Your heartbeat thumps in your hands, your throat. You can’t speak. All you do is hunch over, hope, cry, and pray it won’t get worse. You continue to feel the sensation of your heart thumping away in your throat and hands. You start to sweat. You close your eyes while you feel your feet pinned to the floor and your body goes in shock.

There’s a change in the air, and you start to breathe heavily. You feel you are running around and gliding through the air. Your feet thump and kick wildly in the air at your moving target. Your fists are controlled with each movement and technique as you punch and continue to kick. You feel you have the power within you. You are in control. Your breathing starts to keep momentum with the speed of your kicks and punches. You notice no more tears are rolling from your eyes.


You no longer feel isolated but now feel the love and caring environment that surrounds you. You hear the sound of someone saying, “Keep your guard up. Never take your eyes off your opponent.” So you stare into your opponent’s eyes and continue to fight with the person. You suddenly hear the same voice as before, “Speed is your friend. The quicker you are, the more area you cover.”

Never taking your eyes off your opponent, you quicken your step, feet, and hands. But then your opponent suddenly yells out, “Contact!” It surprises you, so you stop and look over at the person off to the side. Your opponent kicks at your calves, sweeps you off your feet, and you end up on the floor. The two of you end up on the floor together, rolling around, until you hear a voice off to the side yelling, “Break!”

Your opponent rolls off you. You lay on the floor, feeling your heart beating wildly. Tears start to roll down your face again yet you smile. You stare up into your opponent’s eyes, who tells you, “You had me. But then you lost all your power. Do you know why?” You nod your head, saying, “I took my eyes off you.”

“Never ever take your eyes off your opponent!” the voice off to the side says.

You ask, “What does contact mean?” Your opponent explains, “You were hitting too hard.” You nod your head in understanding. You apologize to your opponent. Your opponent pats your hand with his gloved hand. “Apology accepted. But never, ever apologize to the bully. You give up your power that way.”

Morale of the story… you have the power within you. 


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