Love, Caring, and Understanding

Love, caring, and understanding bullied victims takes strong people, strong individuals with beautiful souls.

Love, caring, and understanding comes from people who have been hurt – be it physically​, verbally, and / or emotionally – by bullies.

When a group of these individuals get together and unite under the same love, caring, and understanding, amazing things can happen… For the better. For those who have been bullied. For this who go through excruciating pain, for those who have felt never been loved, liked, or accepted.

I know because I used to be one of them. And now I give to you my heart, my love, caring, and understanding, because I know what it’s like to cry in silence, to hurt in pain, to be all alone, and to never feel loved.

But what I have learned through the experience and life living with disorders caused by bullying, that to love, to care, and to understand, there are people out there who do the same. So today I write this to tell you that just when you may think you are in a very dark place, contemplating suicide, or whatever may roam in your mind, that you are loved, cared for, and understood. Because here at Your Life Matters, we care for you, we love you, and we understand. Where there are voices in numbers, there will be a rising.

Stay your awesome self and be beautiful today and everyday because that’s the only way to be.

Love, Caring, and Understanding (Video): 


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