Erase The Pain, Erase The Fears

Erase the neglect, erase your tears,

Erase the bloodshed, erase the fears.

Wipe away your pain, know you are not to blame.

You should never feel ashamed,

Because you are not the one

Who should be to blame.

Erase all your feelings of doubt,

Erase any feelings that you have

That you feel are negative

within inside you, within your soul.

Wipe it all out.

Erase the hatred, let in some love.

Erase the neglect, because you deserve all the love in the world.

Erase the bullying, erase the pain,

Because this world needs to be able to love again.

Learn to be able to live in a bully-free world,

Because you know you deserve it,

As well as all the others who have been hurt,

Even when they have been the worst.

So, for all of you out there who need to feel the love inside,

Cry it out, wipe away your tears,

But don’t hide your beautiful face,

Because your deserve to be able to live again.

Erase the fears, erase the tears,

Grow up, live through all your years,

Because suicide is not the answer.

You know you deserve a world full of love.

So, I wish for you today to be able to live through another day,

Because you know you deserve a love,

And a life that should not be filled with anger.

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