Live, Love, Dream

To live your life bully-free,

You must seek answers within yourself

To make that dream come a reality.

To love yourself is to seek the answers within you

And know within, you must do what comes naturally.

To dream is to think big and take massive action.

Get over your fears, look that bully in the eye,

And say, “Stop bullying me.”

Have no fear, rid your doubts,

Rid your lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-value,

For you have what it takes within you

To give yourself the luxuries of life,

In which you feel you have the need

To want to live for the rest of your life.

To live, love, and dream. 

Do what comes naturally,

Do what’s best for yourself.

Do what’s best for yourself

And give others that same luxury and feeling,

For they, too, need it, for it is within them

They seek the answers and questions to

Rid the bullying and live a bully-free life

And do what will come naturally…

Live, love, dream.

Live, love, dream.

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