You Are An Extraordinary Gift in This World

You are an extraordinary gift in this world. Believe that. You have been born into this world with a unique gift, a unique talent, a unique personality, a unique individualism about you. You are born to have purpose, you are born to possess skills nobody else has, you are born with a heart that beats only for you, you are born to be only you, and no one else. If other people around you cannot accept you for you being you, then they are not your friends. They are not your people, and you need new friends. You need a new environment in which people will love you for you.

You are an extraordinary gift in this world, because you are a human being with emotions, with kindness, with compassion, with gratitude, with generosity, with heart. You are beautiful from the inside out. Your physical appearance to yourself you may not agree with, but that’s not what makes you attractive. Your soul, your kindred spirit, your compassion, your friendliness, your intelligence, your enthusiasm, and your smile is what makes you attractive.

Feel good about yourself, feel good from within your heart, your soul, and your spirit, and you will feel love inside you grow each day. You will notice when you start to appreciate yourself on the inside, and when you do, you will start to feel more confident and beautiful about yourself. And others will notice, too.

As far as the bully who is degrading you goes, never allow him/her to tell you any different. They are jealous of these qualities you possess, because it’s what they lack, they want, they desire.

Just know and believe from within yourself you are an extraordinary gift in this world.

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