Believe In You

You are you, so be true.

Be honest with yourself and believe in you. 

Give yourself a reason and start believing

Your life is worth living no matter the situation.

With every beat of your heart, you should start

To not have regrets and feel the love with who you are.

Don’t be so sad, wipe the tears from your eyes, and wear a smile.

Don’t allow the pain inside to take your life.

Your eyes may wear the frown, but it’s your choice to turn it around

And not allow that bully to get you down.

With all the emotions, pure hatred, and evil doings

You have a right to express all your emotions.


Don’t allow your fears inside to take your pain away.

Don’t allow all the tears you have cried to make you feel estranged.

You have a right to make your own decisions

But always make sure you have thought of all your options,

Your actions are much louder than words

So before you make the wrong decision, make your voice be heard.


Above all else believe in yourself and believe it to be true

When people approach and say they love you.

Believe you are so loved, and believe in you.

Believe justice will be served to those who have hurt you through and through.

All you have to do is have some pride and believe in you.

Feel inside all that’s worthy and believe in you.

Believe in you. 


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