Live Through Another Day

Live through another day… a hard thing to do, yes. But, if you can live through another day, live through the struggling, the tears, the fears, the worst part of your day, you have the inner strength inside of you to be a fighter.

A fighter for your faith, a fighter for your beliefs, a fighter for your life. To fight is to keep going, to be able to get through your darkest days, your worse nightmare. To be able to live through another day. 

You were born with a desire to live. You were born with inner strength. You were born out of passion, out of love, out of an inner beauty that lies in you. You were born to be you and you only, no one else. You were born and raised with faith, respect, and pride within yourself. So why are you letting a bully (or bullies) get to you? They lack what you have, your inner beauty, your inner qualities in which make you beautiful on the outside.

To be able to live through bullying not only takes guts, but also your life. Your life in which was born unto you. To be able to live through bullying not only takes the ability to defend yourself, but to learn to defend others who experience the same. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Defend yourself, the correct way. So you can live to see your future self.

In the video below, I discuss how to be able how to live through another day of bullying, because it can be done. It starts with your beliefs, your faith, your pride, your self-respect, and your support system. If you feel you don’t have any of these, watch the video below to learn more.

Live Through Another Day (Video):

May this help you gain and improve a more positive self about you, because your life is precious, your life is beautiful, and your life is meant to be beautiful.


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