Reasons To Invest In Martial Arts

There are many various reasons to want to learn martial arts. It can change your perspective from the first day you walk out onto the mat to the day you actually begin your martial art journey, which is when you receive your 1st degree black belt.

Now this may seem odd to you and wonder why I say the martial art journey starts after receiving the 1st degree black belt, but this is true. Everything you have learned and trained in up to this point is a prequel to what that journey will be after the 1st degree black belt. That period is what I call the “test.” Anything after the 1st degree black belt is “the journey.”

Only those martial artists who have the 1st degree black belt and above fully understand what I mean by this. The reason I say this is what I have been told and taught by both Tuhon Rick Ward and Grandmaster Bobby Lindamood. The reasons to further continue training after the 1st degree black belt and the perspectives change, and I anticipate what my perspectives will be when this happens. If you have wondered if martial arts is for you, consider this “test” before your actual “journey” begins.

Reasons to Invest In Martial Arts:

1). Martial arts is fun exercise. And you get to learn how to defend yourself at the same time.

2). Martial arts are a complete full body exercise. It works every muscles you have in your body; muscles in which you never knew existed and ones you never knew you had before.

3). Martial arts helps you build your character at any age.

4). You get to meet new, eccentric people who become your second family.

5). It’s worth investing in martial arts if you are an abused or bullied victim. (I know from personal experience).

6). It teaches you stamina, strength, energy, and endurance and improves these through time.

7). You develop inner peace within yourself; it teaches you self-acceptance.

8). Martial arts teaches you to develop a new positive attitude with your life and yourself.

9). Martial arts is a GREAT stress reliever! It soothes the soul and calms the mind.

10). Martial arts teaches you to respect others.

11). It teaches you to focus and concentrate harder to improve your mindset, especially if you have a mental health disorder.

12). It teaches you – and builds your – confidence, determination, self-will, and will power to get through rejections in life.

13). Martial arts training and experience says a lot about your character on a resume.

14). Martial arts develops and improves your breathing if you have asthma.

15). Martial arts makes your body the most limber and flexible than you ever thought your body could be.

If more than half of these reasons resonates with you, or you agree with, than let them be reasons to invest in martial arts!


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