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How does a victim of bullying get over it all? The majority of victims don’t.  They kill themselves. I’ve read too many headlines in the news about how the parents find their kids dead in their room, and the parents find out too late. Only those victims who have survived undergo psychiatric or psychological treatment, but sometimes that doesn’t help, yet they are still alive. It’s like a second chance for them to turn their life around. Some do; some don’t.

I was fortunate enough to have that second chance, but I removed myself from that environment in order to. If I hadn’t, I would not be alive today. I will never return to that place. There’s nothing there for me. Well, I’ll take that back. I left some very good friends who I met while Teen Volunteering at the local hospital, and also the new friends who were nice to me at the second high school I went to in 1989, which was a private parochial school. I never knew how much I missed them until recently. Some have moved from Vermont; some are still there. But we all stay connected with each other through Facebook. And they are more my family to me every day.

It’s taken awhile for me to open up to new people and trust people again. Along the way I have met some really nice people; the majority of those new people are just now finding out about my past life, and their response to it is overwhelming. They never knew.  I’m still a little reserved, just not as much anymore. The more I talk about it, the more comfortable I get with it. Yes, I cry as I do; I don’t know of any bullied victim who wouldn’t.

The purpose of this essay is that there is a second chance for bullied victims. You have to be able to face your fears, no matter how hard that may be. You have to be able to stand up for yourself, accept the past, learn from it, and move on, and believe that you are here on this Earth with a purpose in life. It may take a while to find that purpose, but you will.

You were born into this world for a reason. You will meet people who will take advantage of you and hurt you – whether it be verbally, physically, emotionally, sexually; but I can tell you there are some people out there who have very kind hearts who want to help you. It took me 42 years to realize this. And when you find someone who you can talk to about anything – even your bullied past – who will understand you, comfort you, and most of all listen to you, tell them. Tell them you appreciate them as your friend. You will experience an amazing, powerful connection. You will know they were meant to be your friend (s), because they will want to be there for you at any time of the day or night. I call these type of friends “life coaches.” And the power of their friendship is utterly amazing!


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