Educate Yourself

If there is a bully in your life who is harassing you, then you need to educate yourself. Stand up for yourself and tell the bully that you will no longer allow it to happen. Educating yourself on bullying is the most important thing you can do so you know what is not tolerant and acceptable. If the bully continues to rant on you, don’t continue with anymore conversation and get higher authority involved. If you do have the gusto to tell the bully off, (s)he may back down because (s)he is not expecting this from you. And then you still get proper authority involved and report him/her.

Educating yourself is the highest form of self-respect and the best thing you can do for yourself. The more you know, the more you can do about bullying. Fight for your rights, because you have every right to defend yourself and not allow or tolerate bullying anymore!


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