For Every Action, There Is A Reaction

How you react to a bully is based on your communication skills, your beliefs, your morals, your upbringing, and your environment.

Will people support you? Will people like you or hate you for your reactions to standing up to a bully?

These questions may wander in your mind as you wonder if and how you should react. The most important question that you should be asking yourself is, “Do I want this to stop?” Because if you do want the bullying to stop, it is UP TO YOU to react to it! It does not matter what other people will think of you. Most likely, other people will approach you and thank you for it. You will find you will become an influence on others, and you will gain more friends because of it.

Someone somewhere is waiting for someone else to stand up to a bully and speak up about it because (s)he is afraid to. So, why not be that someone else and react to a bully? For every action, there is a reaction, so don’t get physical with the bully. You will only stoop down to his/her level and become a bully yourself. Plus, it will only make matters worse. You are much smarter than that. Find an adult or another authority figure to report the bully and let them handle the situation. If that individual does not do what you expect them to or didn’t handle it the way you wanted him/her to, then go to the police.


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