Bullying and Victims with Disorders and Disabilities

Bullying and victims with disorders and disabilities is twice as worse as bullying towards those people who do not have a disorder or disability. Three out of ten bullied victims have a disorder or disability, and they are bullied each day.

What would you do if this was your child, either it being the bully him/herself, or the bullied victim? If you found out your child or teenager was bullying another who has a disability or disorder, would you even care to stop your child / teenager from doing so, or would you allow it to continue?

It appears that when it comes to bullied victims who have a disorder or disability are targeted by the bully from the start because of the way they are. This is an unacceptable and intolerable act. If this was your child or teenager, what would you do?

I voice my opinion on this issue in the video below. To listen, watch the video below.

Bullying and Victims with Disorders and Disabilities (Video):


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