Respect Yourself to Respect Others

How much inner strength and courage do you have inside of yourself to respect yourself? How much love do you feel within yourself to respect yourself as well?

It is the courage, the strength, and the love, as strong as it may be inside of you, you know you will have the attribute to be able to respect yourself. Respecting yourself comes from within, as well as from the family in which you are born into. For the family that you are born into teaches you values, teaches you to respect yourself, and teaches you morals of what is right and what is wrong. Respecting yourself teaches you to respect others. For how you treat yourself is how you will treat others. So, if you respect yourself today, you will also respect others today and in the future. You cannot go wrong with this. And there is never anything wrong with loving yourself, giving yourself the courage and giving yourself the strength to respect yourself so you can respect others.

So, how does this tie in to bullying? Do you think a bully actually respects himself?

I would think not, only because he does not, or she does not, respect you. For respecting others has to do with how you are born and how you are brought up and how you value yourself. And how you value yourself is how you love yourself and respect yourself. In my honest opinion, I really don’t think bullies know that much about respect, and they should learn how to do so. So that way they will learn how to be much more nicer to other people, so that there will be less bullying in the world.

Today my message is to learn to be more nicer to people. And in order to be more nicer to people, learn to love yourself, learn to have the strength within you and the courage within you, to accept yourself for who you are and respect yourself. So, you will learn to respect and love others in a more caring and enduring way.

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