Know Your Worth

Stand up for yourself and know your worth.

Know that standing up for yourself is putting yourself first.

Know that you are loved, in which you are so deserving of.

Know your worth because you are here on this Earth

For a purpose and for a reason.

Know your worth, know your full potential.

Know what you can do because you are no longer a victim.

Trust yourself and trust your gut.

Don’t ever feel like you are stuck in a rut

Because of the bully putting you down,

Hurting you physically, verbally, mentally, spiritually.

Know your worth today, know that you are loved.

Have some positivity within yourself

Because it is what you are so deserving of.

Know your worth, know your beauty within you.

Always trust your gut because you know you have what it takes

To no longer be a victim.

So, make yourself stand out and be your best today.

Defend yourself because you are not afraid.

You have a lot to say, and you have purpose within you.

Your soul is beautiful,

So know your worth and stand up for yourself today.

Know Your Worth (Video):


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