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Friends Are Forever

Friends are Forever. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up and say you don’t feel loved or are feeling lonely. You may not know it, but there are people who love you, there are people who care for you – the type of friends who you consider your family. Anti-Bullying Short Essays.

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Never Be Ashamed, Never Be Worthless

Never Be Ashamed, Never Be Worthless. Never be ashamed, never be worthless. You are special the way you are. Bless yourself for this. Have dignity, have grace. And be open, honest, and direct with the way you communicate. Have no fear. Reveal your heart. Image Poetry.

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Live Through Another Day

Live Through Another Day. Live through another day... a hard thing to do, yes. But, if you can live through another day, live through the struggling, the tears, the fears, the worst part of your day, you have the inner strength inside of you to be a fighter. Facebook Lives.

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Inclusion vs Exclusion

Inclusion vs Exclusion. Inclusion vs Exclusion. Do you know what the difference is between inclusion and exclusion? Inclusion is the art of including, a state of being included. It is the relationship between two classes that exists when all member of the first are also members of the second. Exclusion is the act or an instance of excluding, the state of being excluded. So therefore, exclusion is to prevent or restrict the entrance of, or to bar from participation, consideration, or inclusion. Facebook Lives.