Colleen Burns was born in Rutland, V. T. From being bullied during second grade through the ninth grade, alcohol and drug abuse, suffering through anorexia and bulimia, to dropping out of high school during her junior year at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in 1990, Colleen received her high school diploma from Rutland High School in 1991, through a 15-week Adult Education program. Through a life of struggles and three mental health disorders, Colleen earned a triple degree with a double minor at Appalachian State University: a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Communications with a concentration in Electronic Media Broadcasting and two Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in General Theater and English with a concentration in Creative Writing in 2005.

Colleen is a martial artist of 13 years. Despite a few martial art injuries and several hiatuses, Colleen holds various ranks in six different styles of martial arts, the highest being a Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do (one away from a Probationary Black Belt).

Colleen has graduated from Ray Higdon’s coaching program, in which she studied social media and network marketing strategies to help teach others about social media and to improve their network marketing skills. She is now in Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits, in which she is studying and improving her leadership, speaking, and mindset skills from a network marketing standpoint.

Colleen is a graduate student at Hollins University, in Roanoke, V. A., where she is studying under the M. F. A. Screenwriting program and writing her thesis, an autobiography. Her desire is to be a martial art screenwriter, but she has had to put that plan on hold to concentrate more on Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance. However, Colleen will be graduating from Hollins University in December 2018.

Currently, Colleen is pursuing double Masters in Business Administration degrees at Liberty University: an M. B. A. in Non-Profit Leadership and Management and an M. B. A. in International Business. She plans to use what she learns at Liberty University Online to place Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance around the globe.

Colleen is also pursuing a Certified Personal Trainer certificate from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), in which will aid and guide her to helping bullied victims and survivors to attain a healthier lifestyle – inside and out.

As C. E. O. and Founder of Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance, Colleen Burns offers her story of bullying through national (and eventually international) tours to help, improve, and inspire other bullied victims to speak out on bullying and stand up for themselves. The Alliance also will be offering martial art classes at Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance Anti-Bullying Community Centers, in which the Alliance plans to build throughout their existence. Colleen also offers her social media, creativity, and leadership skills to unite those interested parties in resolving and eradicating bullying throughout the state of Virginia and eventually the United States of America (and the world).

To contact Colleen Burns, please email her at