As part of our fundraising, we ask for a donation to help support our cause. Proceeds go towards building or leasing a space for local Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance Community Center, which will provide counseling services through a Joint Venture Partnership, offer workshops and seminars on bullying prevention, promote our establishment, offer basic self-defense in the future, offer a Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance Store, which will include t-shirts, wristbands, buttons, and posters, and our annual National Bullying Prevention Month Conferences.

Your donation will also help us market and promote our very first annual National Bullying Prevention Month Conference in 2019.

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Letter of Determination:

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Form 100-G:

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance extends extra special thanks to the following Sponsors and Supporters:

Delegate Sam Rasoul and Staff, Chief Instructor Mr. Clifton Eli Abercrombie of Warrior Success Academy in Forest, V. A., Kroger, Starbucks, The Advancement Foundation, Ramain Gohar Nutkani at SBSD, John Hunter and Arleen Boyd at SCORE, Christina Garnett at Marketing Media Maven, LLC., Tom Tanner at SBDC, Ted Edlich, Nicholas Buehring at Buehring Design, TR Garland and Tamarie Tighe at Leveraging LinkedIn, Amanda Erin Wright, Samantha Steidle, Carolyn Dice, Susan O’Della, and Terri McKenzie