Bully: The Video is a documentary I made for my Video Class in 2012 in film school at Hollins University and the reason what started Your Life Matters Anti-Bullying Foundation (now Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance). 

I want to express my sincere gratitude and many thanks to Shawn Walton for allowing me to put this on my Facebook page Colleen’s Martial Art Corner. Also many thanks and much appreciation to the stars, Benjemin and Kaishen Walton, for being in this documentary.

Thank you very much to J. D. Whitney and Shawn for help in making this video possible. Also, many thanks to my video professor Amy Gerber-Stroh and the Screenwriting Program director Tim Albaugh, faculty, and staff.

Without you all, Bully: The Video would not have been made.

Bully, the Video: