Periodically, there will be a new E-Book coming out. Subject content will vary from mindset, coping life skills, motivation, and inspiration, to building empowerment and confidence from within yourself.


A Guidebook to Get You Through Bullying E-Book

An e-book that will help guide and educate you on bullying and cyber-bullying. Learn how to prevent bullying before it starts. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from bullying in the event it occurs.


Conquering Your Fear E-Book

What kind of fear are you feeling right now? What will you do about your fear that you are currently feeling? Will you forget everything and run, or will you face everything and rise? Conquer your fears today!


One Day At A Time E-Book

When you have a rough day, and nothing seems to go right, what do you do to relax, to calm yourself down? This E-Book will help you have a better day and improve yourself and your mindset. Learn to have a better day by improving and empowering yourself on a daily basis with the eight steps I cover in this E-Book.


Through These Eyes E-Book

From years of being bullied, physical abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, attempted suicides, and quitting high school, to graduating with three degrees from Appalachian State University, currently a graduate student working on her thesis (an autobiographical screenplay) at Hollins University, and founding and establishing Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance, Colleen Burns shares her story in this autobiographical e-book.


Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance: The Essays, Volume 1

Discover the 2016 Essays the Way They Were Originally Written