Our Services:

Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance’s current services range from speaking tours, workshops and seminars, and referrals to local professional counseling services as needed. These referrals we provide are known as our Joint Venture Partnership Program. In the future, we will be offering basic self-defense and an after-school educational and recreational program. For more details on each of our services, please review the desired section to learn more.


Speaking Tours:

The primary purpose of our speaking tours is for the C. E. O. & Founder of Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance, Colleen Burns, to share her story. She has used martial arts to overcome bullying throughout her life.

Our goal is to empower and inspire those who have been affected by bullying.

Our Board of Directors members will also share their stories and experiences with bullying.

Price is based on your needs, plus travel expenses and hotel.

Workshops & Seminars:

Workshops and Seminars are conducted by the Chair and Committee Director of Training Seminars, Stephen Niamke and his assistants. The primary purpose of our workshops and seminars is to develop programs for bullying awareness and prevention, so as to educate students, teachers, school administration (grade school to university level), employees, and employers how to handle bullying before it starts, when it starts, and to prevent it from occurring further.

Programs are individualized and tailored to the needs of the audience. Typical topics include: safety and decision-making; being aware of and accessing resources; deescalating conflict; understanding the role of bystanders; the impact of being complicit; campaigning for peace; the role of prejudice, bias, and isms; and sharing of stories.

Price is based on your needs, plus travel expenses and hotel.

Basic Self-Defense Classes:

When the funds, building and / or space becomes available, our future plans are to incorporate basic self-defense classes. The primary purpose of these classes provide basic self-defense techniques to deter bullying.

These basic self-defense classes will not only teach self-defense, but they will also provide and improve a sense of self from within. They will improve self-confidence, self-value, and self-respect.

More information to come when the funds, building and / or space becomes available.

Price is based on your needs.

Community Partnerships:

We are in the process of developing relationships with service providers, who can address issues of mental health, legal issues, and cases when there has been abuse and neglect, as well as crisis services. We want to provide a safe space where people can report concerns or receive our services. We want our clients to be able to talk and learn different coping skills in order for them to face bullying.