I came up with a story concept after I heard Susan Odella’s “Where Do You Go?” back in 2016. Susan had contacted me and offered her music to me to use in an anti-bullying campaign. This song was not the original one offered to me (it was “Every 7 Minutes”). When I went to her website to listen to her music, I fell in love with “Where Do You Go?” and asked her if I could use that song in addition to “Every 7 Minutes.”

I came up with the concept of using “Where Do You Go?” as to visiting Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance when a victim of bullying may not know where to go or turn to when in an emotional state and looking for answers to bullying on the Web. Not only can you visit our website to look for answers in which may help you, but we serve those victims of bullying to feel inspired, empowered, and in a better state than when they arrived to Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance website.

May this video make you be in a better state than when you first arrived.